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Mission trip to Burundi
Jul 15, 2012
 It is really impossible to describe my last 10 days.   I traveled to Burundi Africa.  This was my third trip to this little country and every time it changes me.   I have fallen in love with these people.  They are my friends. 


They live in such desperate situations and have been through more suffering than I will ever be able to imagine.   On this trip we had a professional photographer with us.  His pictures tell a very moving story.   (You can find him on Facebook.  Thomas Cooper from Littleton.   Tell him you know me and he’ll let you be his face book friend and you can see some of the amazing photos that he took.)

Because of the generosity of others we were able to give 48 chickens to some widows in the community. We were able to purchase the chicken's but it was the police who were able to give them to the widows and this was part of our effort to bring reconsilliation between the police/miliatry and civilian population. 

Thomas took some amazing photos.   (The ones in this update we taken by him and he gets all the credit.)  However, he also had an amazing heart.   This is what he has written and it describes exactly what I felt.


“I have never in my life seen such poverty. You can see info commercials to feed starving kids at 2am in the morning while watching your late night shows but nothing can prepare you for it in real life. To watch people walk 3 miles before sunrise to have a chance to get food, clothing or medical help. I was able to spot all the little kids I got to know because they showed up in the same clothes day after day with the same smiles and just wanting to be loved, picked up, touched, any time I went to open my bag to change lenses they all wondered if I had something for them. I had things but taking them out with not having enough to go around can start riots as we saw this week.”


Our team did a lot of different things though out the week.  We had an eye clinic and gave out over 400 pair of glasses to help people see.  We had children’s where we played with them, told them about Jesus and fed them.   I had the privilege to teaching about 40 senior military and police officers.



At the end of the week we had a formal banquet for the officers.   And I had the privilege of meeting with the Secretary of Defense before we left.



God has opened the door for us in this small country.  It is such a blessing to be involved.   


Thank you all for praying.   I will be telling more stories in our next e-news letter coming out soon. 



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